In centuries past the Eclipse ruled the world. A time when darkness both literally and figuration blanketed the the lands.  Khal Elric Demonfang, son of the dark god Tharizdun, spread his fathers darkness to every corner of the world through his campaign of terror.  The Eclipse, the church of Tharizdun, were his instrument of tyrrany, using their unholy powers to blot out the sun.

With the world in its death throws under Eclipse law, Beory the goddess of nature, lashed out against the cosmos and bestowed her essence into a mortal girl.  This girl would become a beacon against the darkness, the last hope to curb the tempest and preserve life itself before it be snuffed out forever.  She would become Valeria, the Lightbringer, and in her name the last threads of civilization would band together against the void.

United under the Lightbringers banner the different races and cultures of the world clawed their way back to Elric's very doorstep, his citadel at Khalsgard.  Enpowered by Tharizdun himself, Elric was immortal and only Valeria's self sacrifice finally brought down the tyrant.  Her final divine act fractured the darkness and the world, bringing an end to the Eclipse but forever scarring the lands of Khalsgard.

Centuries have now passed, warlords and other despots have conquered the regions around Khalsgard as life gradually returned to the land.  Now the descendants of these warlords have formed their own Houses and rule the lands as nobles, but most are still true to the cruel roots that brought their families to power.

Today the seat of Elric's power, Khalsgard, is a city state and capitol of the nation of Chaulakor and is home to House Minola.  The rest of Chaulakor is comprised of several states each ruled by it's own family House that's sworn fealty to Khalsgard and House Mollari.  Each state is left relatively autonomous and left to self rule, most have treaties with neighbouring Houses for commerce and defence, but all demonstrate loyalty to House Mollari for fear of retribution.

Chaulakor has become one of the most prosperous nations in the world.  Valeria's sacrifice and the death of Elric scorched the lands surrounding Khalsgard for hundreds of miles, but that great burn has today turned that land into a major agricultural source for both Chaulakor and surrounding nations.  Trade, mixed with massive treasures recovered from ruins across this ancient battlegrounds, has made the great Houses of Chaulakor rich. The live of nobles are often lavish and luxurious, the common people have homes and food.  Slaves are commonplace and abundant but are often treated well if they are human.  Nonhumans have little if any rights with most various states, and nonhuman slaves have short, hard lives toiling away on labours too disgusting or dangerous for others to partake.

The dark magicks of the Eclipse and the destruction caused by Valeria's sacrifice have led to a deep rooted distrust of magic and those able to wield it.  At best magic is viewed as a power to wild and uncontrollable to be trusted, at worst it is a plague across the world and those that wield it forces of evil that must be annihilated at all cost.  Races with lighter ties to magic, such as dwarves and elves, are tolerated but generally shunned with Chaulakor.  Truly magical races such as tieflings and warforged are most often killed on sight.  






Legacy of the Eclipse

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